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Alan J. Robertson, D.D.S. - Dentist  |  Kutztown, PA

We offer a variety of dental services, including preventative services, routine dentistry, restorative work, and some cosmetic procedures. We encourage you to discuss any concerns with us. Our goal is to give quality dental care in a timely manner and in a comfortable setting.

• Oral examinations

• Teeth cleanings

• Fluoride treatments

• Digital x-rays

• Mouth guards and night guards

• Athletic guards

• Dental check-ups

• Treatment for TMJ relief

• Sealant applications

• Tooth colored fillings


What can we do for you?

• Root canals (endodontic treatment)

• Chipped tooth bonding

• Porcelain veneers

• Porcelain crowns, onlays, inlays and bridgework

• Implants and implant crowns

• Gum disease treatment (periodontal)

• Simple and surgical extractions

• Dentures

• Emergency dental treatment



Comfort and Care


Oral Surgery Services

Dental treatment can be an anxious experience for some patients who have had trouble in the past. At our practice we strive to understand past experiences and work through difficult procedures to help patients move forward with their dental care. We provide a positive experience and make recommendation to improve your dental health by promoting quality home care and healthy oral habits.

Dr. Robertson is a family dentist trained to recognize problems that require referral to a specialist. He works within a “family” of specialists he knows and trusts in the Reading and Allentown area.

Referral to a Specialist